Objectives of E.C.O.S.E.P.

European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians

The European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians is a medical speciality society comprised of physician members within the European community.

The mission of the College is to

  1. advance the competency of sports physicians and the best possible care, for their athletes and the citizens of Europe, by providing continuing education, publishing research,
  2. to collaborate with other sports medicine organizations  and
  3. Serving as a source of information to the public

ECOSEP is very well aware firstly that those countries represented within the European community have for very good reasons a broad spectrum of sport and exercise medicine expertise within their countries. 

ECOSEP understands that each country within the EC very rightly sets its own standards but is aware that within the British Isles Faculties of Sports and Exercise Medicine-FSEM  have been established and that the National Health Service has accepted sports and exercise medicine as a recognised specialty and instituted a training programme leading to consultant status.

ECOSEP would in no way wish to impose such standards on any other country but feels that this organisation should help all parties within the community to elevate their standards.

ECOSEP is mindful of national aspirations and simply proposes a facilitation in other countries.

ECOSEP is only too aware of the differences in standards within the community and accepts that within that community there is a necessity for multi-track solutions with very differing time scales.

More specifically, the E.C.O.S.E.P aims to:

  1. To advance the competency of sports physicians and the best possible care for their athletes and the citizens of Europe by providing continuing professional development ,education, publishing  and  research
  2. Promote Public health in terms of prevention and treatment through exercise and through Sports Medicine Physicians
  3. Ensure that sports physicians shall be employed as the medical personnel to all sports agencies (sports federations, sports organisations, sports associations, sports clubs, stadiums, sports injuries clinics, sports centres ,national health system hospitals-clinics-health units)
  4. Promotes the highetst standards for sports medicine profession ensure that sports medicine physicians  profession  shall be governed by common European rules that shall be harmonized  to all EU Member States
  5. Advisory and methodical aid for physicians in other specialities and for sports officials .. Inform that part of the population that participates in sports on issues such as:

A. Preparticipation Check-ups for all sports participants

B. Prevention, therapy and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal and other sports related problems for sport participants and general population

C. Doping information and prevention for athletes, sports participants and public

6.Promote Public health through  guided exercise

7.Health care of professional athletes (prevention and therapy of sports related pathology and injuries, testing, consultations on sports nutrition and supplementation and other medical measures lowering the negative impact of strenuous exercises)

The corporation shall make good use of the equipment, staff, experience and knowledge of the contracting parties in order to achieve these objectives

ECOSEP is a NON profit scientific Medical Society dedicated to Sports Medicine and Sports Physicians.


Scopes of E.C.O.S.E.P.

  1. Bring together the Practitioners of Sport and Exercise Medicine within
    Europe both to exchange views, knowledge, experiencies, suggestions,
    questions, research, education, evidence, ideas from daily Sports &
    Exercise Physicians clinical practice.
    Equally important,  to promote dialogue on standards within our
  2. To Facilitate communication between sports &
    exercise physicians and all sports medicine organizations both
    in Europe and internationally leading to a better exchange of views, a
    better understanding of our needs, and a greater say a better health
    services to the public
  3. Promote Public health through exercise in terms of prevention and treatment
  4. Creating training programmes for general practitioners or other specialists that will enable them to become E.C.O.S.E.P. members
  5. Creating post-graduate programmes and seminars providing further training for sports physicians
  6. Informing all social agencies on issues such as:
    1. Exercise and health
    2. Pre participation Check-ups for all sports participants
    3. Prevention, therapy and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal and other sports related problems for athletes and general population.
    4. Doping information and prevention for athletes and sports participants
  7. Providing medical services and making its members expertise available at all sporting events.


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