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The European College of Sports medicine and Exercise Physicians organise the 4th Sports Rehabilitation Course. This course will be focused on the upper limps injuries in athletes, injuries diagnosis treatment and rehabilitation will be discussed.

It will be held in Thessaloniki on 16-17th May 2009. Max 35 participants.

For further information please contact or



1st Day 15MAY 2009


B.L.S (BASIC LIFE SUPPORT COURSE) From the        European Resuscitation Council

 16.30 -20.30

2nd Day 16MAY 2009


8:30 -Registration

8:45- SportsPupalgia-Diagnosis& treatment                   Dr.  N.G.Μαlliaropoulos        

10:00- Surgical treatment for sports Hernia                    Μ.Genitsaris


10:30Diagnosis of Shoulder Instability in athletes            Prof.N. Maffulli

11:00- Questions

11:15- Break

             11:30 - ShoulderInstabilityin athletesConservative Treatment

                                                                                      Dr.  N.G.Μαlliaropoulos               

  12:15 - Shouldertendinopathies                                     E.Mpella                                                         

13:00- Surgical treatment for rotator cuff injuries in athletes

 Diagnosis–Treatment–rehabilitation                                   D.Tsoukas

13:35–Surgical treatment for Shoulder Instabilityin athletes

  Diagnosis–Treatment–rehabilitation                                   Prof.  P.Papadopoulos                                          

14:10 -Light Lunch

14:45 -Clinicalshoulderexamination

                                                                      Prof.Maffulli, Dr.  Malliaropoulos,Tsifoundoudis

15:30-17.00Work shop

 Lower Leg Compartment syndrome –compartmental measurements

                                                                                       Dr.Nat Padhiar 

17.05 end of 1st day

3rd Day 17 MAY 2009

9:00 Elbowinjuriesin athletes

·         Over use injuries

·         Ligament Injuries

·         Osteochondral lesions                                        E.Papakostas


 9:45   Elbow injuries in athletes

·         Ligament injuries

·         Triangular cartilage injuries  

·         Scαphoid injuries                                              K.Ditsios



11:00 -Elbow clinical examination

                                                                         Prof.Maffulli,Dr.   Malliaropoulos, Tsifoundoudis

11:45 - Shoulder mobilization Techniques                                 A.Adamidis

13:30 -Coffee Brake

14:00 Work shop –LaserTreatment in Sports Medicine          Dr.   N.Euagelou 

15:30 Certificates of Attendance

9th Scientific Meeting in Sport and Exercise Medicine

During the 9th Scientific Meeting in Sports and exercise Medicine, Queen Mary's School of medicine a key note speech will be on " Formation of European College of Sports Physicians"

Wed, 07 May 2008

The 1st ECOSEP Congress will take place at Thessaloniki , 13-14 December 2008. ECOSEP with Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine (UK) - FSEM (UK) and co-oganizer Athletics National Sports Medicine Clinic S.E.G.A.S Thessaloniki - ΑΚΕΟ, organize the 1rst Congress at Electra Palace Hotel Thessaloniki. Charged with 15 Ecosep's credits. Further information and details to the link below.

1st ecosep congress1st ecosep congress

Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Course

The Hellenic Athletics Sports Medicine Clinic in Thessaloniki and the European College Of Sports and Exercise Physicians - ECOSEP, organizes a sports medicine Rehabilitation Course in Thessaloniki 10-11 May 2008. Charged with 10 credits.

For more information please contact

or tel: 00302310202190 miss Sofia Papadopoulou

 The Hellenic Athletics Sports Medicine Clinic ,and The European College of sports medicine and exercise physicians-ECOSEP organizes the lower limp  sports medicine Rehabilitation Course in Thessaloniki 10-11 May 2008.The Course  is addressed  for health professionals  (Doctors and Fysios) and  is focused  in rehabilitation of Lower Limp  sports injuries.

The Aim of Course  is to provide the  update  of  diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries ,through the sports medicine  principals and concepts.The Lectures are very well known ih their field and their knowledge will contribute to a successful course:


  1. Nicola Maffulli MD, MS, PhD, FRCS (Orth) Professor of Trauma and Orthopaedic Surger Keele University School of Medicine
  2. Nikos Malliaropoulos MD, Msc in SEM, Phd, FFSEM (UK) Chairman of ECOSEP Director of the National Athletics Sports Medicine Clinic Thessaloniki
  3. Terzjdis Ioannis Orthopaedic Surgeon President of the Greek Sports Medicine Association
  4. Tzouroudis Nikos MD, Sports Medicine Phycisian
  5. Papakostas Manolis , Orthopaedic Surgeon . Team Doctor Football Club Kalamarja
  6. Spanos George, Chairman of Greek M ckenzie Institute, Fysiotherapist PT / Dip MTD.
  7. Papalada Agapi, FysiotherapistPT of the National  Athletics Sports Medicine Clinic Thessaloniki Head of Physiotherapy unit at Athletics National Sports Medicine Clinic (Northern Greece)
  8. Christodoulou Dimitris, Fysiotherapist PT of the National Athletics Sports Medicine Clinic Thessaloniki Head of the Rehabilitation Department

The Course will be held at Kaytatzogreio stadium in Thessaloniki

The number participating will be up to 30 individuals.



 Day 1 (10/5/2008)

 8.30  Registration

 9.00  Muscle injuries. Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation - Dr Nikos Malliaropoulos

10.00 Anterior knee Pain. Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation - Prof. Nicola Maffulli

11.00  Questions and answers.

11.15  Break

11.30  ACL Injuries Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation - Prof . Nicola Maffulli

12.30 Practical -clinical examination  of the Knee - Prof.Nicola Maffulli - Dr Nikos Malliaropoulos

13.30 Questions and answers

13.45  Break

14.30 Stem cells for the treatment of the sports injuries

15.00 MCL-LCL Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation - Terzjdis Ioannis

15.30 Menisci injuries-CHONDRAL INJURIES Diagnosis, treatment and  rehabilitation -Papakostas Manolis

16.00 -16.30 Knee Rehabilitation-N.Tzouroudis

16.30-17.15 Isokinetic work shop for the knee and the Ankle - Christodoulou Dimitris

Day 2 (1/5/2008)

9.00  STRESS FRACTURES. Diagnosis and treatment - Dr Nikos Malliaropoulos

9 .30   ULTASOUND TESTING FOR STRESS FRACTURES. Practical application.- Papalada Agapi

10.00 Mechanic treatment and diagnosis of LOW back pain  in the athletes. Spanos George

10.30  Practical applications of clinical mechanic diagnosis and treatment - Spanos George

11.00 Isokinetic Stabilomere work shop - Papalada Agapi

11.30 Break

12.00 Ankle injuries in athletes Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation - DrNikos Malliaropoulos

12.30 ROM Measurments - Christodoulou Dimitris

13.00 Ankle clinical examination - Prof.Nicola Maffulli - Dr Nikos Malliaropoulos

13.30  Achilles tendon injuries in athletes - Prof.Nicola Maffulli

14.30 Certificates of attendance.




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